VoodooShield 5.78

Complement your traditional antivirus with a powerful lock for risky situations

Unlike standard antivirus tools, VoodooShield will not wait for viruses to enter your computer to lock it down. As soon as the program detects any unusual software that it may consider it to be a threat, such as a suspicious website or e-mail, it will lock your PC to keep it free from any potential harm. Thus, you can have VoodooShield comfortably installed by your favorite antivirus and see how they complement each other.

Unless it finds it in its whitelist or it gets some kind of assurance of it being harmless (i.e., a valid and verified signature), VoodooShield will lock any new running software in case it is a virus or other kind of threat. When it turns to “ON Mode”, the program takes a “snapshot” of the apps that are running at that very moment, allowing them to keep on running for as long as required. Likewise, you can launch any other previously allowed program while the PC is still locked. However, in order to install any new software tool, you’ll have to turn VoodooShield to OFF Mode first – use this option wisely as your PC will become vulnerable while in that mode.

The program’s whitelist is only one of the three layers involved in making the decision of locking your PC or not. The other two are machine learning plus an AI decision engine and a multi-engine blacklist scan. If the new software passes all those three layers, then it’s good to run. This level of demand is so high that it you will need to put the program in OFF Mode if you wish to upgrade to a new version of VoodooShield!

As mentioned, the way regular antivirus tools and VoodooShield deal with your PC protection are radically different. However, while the latter might well substitute the former (except for the fact that VoodooShield won’t remove from your PC of any existing virus), I think it’s wise to make the two live together on your PC at least for some time, until you have “trained” your new lock and are happy with the way it blocks any suspicious piece of software attempting to break into your computer.

The program offers a free lock that covers the three protection layers mentioned above. If you would like some extra functionality, mainly related to the business environment, you will need to upgrade to the Pro version for a fee. Likewise, any commercial use of the program requires acquiring a license.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Add new custom rules to the program's rules
  • Compatible with standard antivirus tools
  • Focuses mainly on web and e-mail threats
  • Create your own whitelists


  • Offers very limited functionality in the free version
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